Sunday, March 25, 2007

Uzbek refugees return home amid concern that they are being coerced

One wonders what brings these refugees back to their country. Are they simply so lonely, so homesick for their country, that they are unable to visualize what the country is actually like? Lets hope they are not imprisoned, beaten, killed -- at least this is the kind of image of the country controlled by Karimov that I have. Could I be that wrong?

Uzbek refugees return home, amid concern that they are being coerced
International Herald Tribune

"Less than two years after they fled Uzbekistan in the wake of the government's bloody crackdown on protests in an eastern city, scores of Uzbeks have returned home — to an uncertain welcome from an authoritarian regime."
"Rachel Denber of Human Rights Watch said she distrusts the Uzbek government's promises that no returnee will be harmed ... 'There is nothing in Uzbekistan's contemporary history that shows that this government sticks to its promises.' "
"President Islam Karimov is accused by human rights groups and the U.S. State Department of arbitrary arrests, political persecution and torture."

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