Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pakistan judiciary at sea over axing

The uprising of lawyers around Pakistan is embarrassing the government. Normally the government can find lots of sources to blame for its problems: India is a good source of trouble, always a safe source to blame. Bush and American policy is another source of "pressure" that the government has to deal with. But it is hard to blame India or the United States for such widespread demonstrations by lawyers in the country. The claims made by the one legal source mentioned in this article can hardly be considered representative in view of the broadly based reaction of the lawyers. Something serious is taking place in Pakistan and the judiciary seems to be at the heart of it, at least for now. What else can go wrong?

Pakistan judiciary at sea over axing
The Australian
By Bruce Loudon

"...angry lawyers at courts across the country took to the streets to protest against the summary sacking of the country's chief justice..."
"Chief Justice Iftikhar ... ratcheted up the stakes in his standoff with General Musharraf by refusing to resign and telling the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association that he would contest charges of misconduct brought against him by the government..."
"Most analysts see General Musharraf's firing of the Chief Justice as a possible forerunner to putting off elections due later this year ..."

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