Thursday, March 15, 2007

US Sends Spies into Pakistan to Kill Bin Laden

The more intense focus on Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahri reflects the new realism of this administration. That the American forces would have been redirected elsewhere in 2002 without apprehending Bin Laden and those who attacked the United States has to have been one of the great blunders of this administration -- perhaps the most notable among so many. Is it possible to get the leaders of Al Qaeda now? They would not have been able to escape detection for so long without help: who might have helped them? And where? It is worth noting that President Bush, after once declaring that he wanted them "dead or alive" has for a long period been able to avoid even mentioning Bin Laden's name. Now that name not only stands for a brutal attack, indeed several destructive and mortal attacks, but also successful escape from the most powerful force on earth.
No wonder he is popular among anti-American militants.

US sends spies into Pakistan to kill bin Laden
The Telegraph (UK)
By Toby Harnden and Thomas Coghlan

"America is stepping up its hunt for Osama bin Laden by dispatching additional CIA operatives and paramilitary officers to Pakistan to kill or capture the al-Qa'eda leader."
"...evidence of al-Qa'eda building its strength on Pakistani soil."
"Adml McConnell [the new US Director of National Intelligence] said of the Pakistani tribal area that "to the best of our knowledge the senior leadership, Number One and Number Two, are there, and they are attempting to re-establish and rebuild and to establish training camps"
"Intelligence officials have indicated that bin Laden has previously chosen March to switch locations, moving to hiding places in the mountains once the snow cover begins to melt. He is likely to be at his most vulnerable when on the move."

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