Friday, March 23, 2007

Pakistani al-Qaeda camps destroyed

If this report is accurate something important is taking place in Pakistan. And this is not the only thing: the demonstrations against Musharraf are also significant. We need to watch ...

Pakistani al-Qaeda camps destroyed
Financial Times By Farhan Bokhari

"...fighting between al-Qaeda loyalists and tribal militants in ... Pakistani border region has almost completely destroyed camps used by a leading terrorist from Uzbekistan, Pakistani intelligence officials claimed on Thursday."
"The claim ... could mark ... a success in Pakistan's war against militants hiding on its soil ... also vindicate Pakistan ... on two controversial agreements signed by the government with tribal elders in the region..."
"General Pervez Musharraf ... last year ordered his troops home from the ... border region after deals that would see local tribal elders policing the region themselves. The move has been widely criticised as giving freer rein for militants..."
"Pakistani intelligence officials, however, claimed ... after a week of fighting ... the infrastructure used by loyalists of Tahir Yuldashev, the pro al-Qaeda militant, had been wiped out. More than half the people killed so far were said to be Uzbek Islamists who took refuge on the Pakistani side of the border after US-led forces ousted the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001."
"Western diplomats warned that there was no way of independently confirming the claim. 'Since the Pakistanis do not let anyone from the outside to freely venture around the tribal areas...' "

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