Sunday, March 25, 2007

Turkey/Israel pipeline could shift Middle East power balance

The development of the infrastructure will surely affect the course of affairs in the Middle East. This news suggests how strong the ties between Turkey and Israel can become, and how crucial the deal actually is for both sides at this time. Yes, this could be a "seismic economic shift."

Turkey/Israel pipeline could shift Middle East power balance
By Morris R. Beschloss
The Desert Sun

"...the prospective agreement between Turkey and Israel to construct such a strategic connection may accomplish a seismic economic shift."
"With Russia in the process of exerting an energy stranglehold over much of the trans-Caucasian and Eastern European areas, a new pipeline could become a counterweight to Moscow's increasing expansionism."
"This pipeline now is being considered for extension from oil center Azerbaijan's Baku on the Caspian Sea through Georgia to Turkey's Mediterranean seaport of Ceyhan, all of which avoid impinging on any Russian territory."
"Turkey and Israel have reached a memo of understanding calling for a $4 billion pipeline linking the Turkish port of Ceyhan and Israel's Ashkelon seaport..."
"...this giant project represents a realignment of geopolitical power as well as a circumvention of Russian hegemony."
"Emanating from the oil-rich Caspian Sea, this contemplated multinational pipeline avoids encroaching on Russian territory, thereby eliminating any attempted Moscow interference with its free flow."
"With energy drawn from the Caspian Sea's Azerbaijan-controlled sector, Russia's influence and interference effectively is withheld."

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