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Comments of an Afghan

What follows is a letter to me by an Afghan living in North America who does not want himself identified but who is concerned about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. He has some ideas about what should be done and would like them posted on the blog for discussion. He prefers not to be identified by name.

<>Dear Prof. Bob:

The current situation in Afghanistan encourages me to write a brief suggestion to save Afghanistan from extremism, terrorism, warlords, criminals and those who did crime against humanity.

President Hamid is a good friend of mine. He is a very nice, educated, well English spoken but he is not a good president. The opportunities is given by the world, he has not done much to have s stable, democratic, central and provincial governments.

<>With the support of super power and number 1 army of the world along with NATO troops and billions of dollars he did not do much for Afghanistan, nether for his own government. Taliban is still strong, suicide bombs still blasting, Afghanistan is producing eighty five percent hereon of the worlds, the Afghan nation enemies, looters, rapists, killers and bloody hands warlords and Northern Alliance and bloody Punjsheries are still in power which make Hamid so call democracy regime unpopular. Hamid is very weak and afraid of Northern Alliance. He can not make decisions because he does not have a power and free hands, even his dress code is northern style but he is Pushton and does not have the carriage to wear his own traditional clothe. It shows how covered and powerless he is. If he is the only choice, I am sorry he is not a good choice. He use American money, American army, American support but he is doing nothing in return. As you know it is not my personal opinion it is the opinion of the majority of Afghans. He does not have control over his presidency how he can control the strong Afghan nation? I believe he is just a symbol; all power is the hand of Northern Alliance with negative and bloody history. To get result, have a friendly and stable Afghanistan with popular government that can get the trust of Afghan people and make Afghanistan free of Taliban and violence I have some suggestion to the Afghan policy makers in US government. I like to point them out very briefly as follow:

1-Afgan-American research small group<>
Most likely the majority of information get by CIA come from Northern Alliance people, there sympathizers or there friends. Those information are supportive of them and against the people, region or those that the do not like them. I believe it will be a good idea to have a small group of American-Afghans to go to Afghanistan and talk direct to Afghan impartial people, intellectuals, tribal elders and those who really want peaceful, s
<>ecure, and free of Taliban and terrorism Afghanistan. The group should also travel to Pakistan, Iran, England, and Canada, US and Germany and talk to displace Afghans to find out the truth about Afghanistan. The group should have at least six months.


2-Afghan traditional Jerga

<>Afghanistan is a tribal nation for thousand of years. The tribal tradition has significant role in the lives of Afghans. One of the most popular techniques to solve tribal, regional and national problem is Afghan Jerga and tribal rules, for example twenty million people in Pushtonistan and in Blochistan are living under the tribal and jerga’s rules. These territories are the world safest places that have fewer crimes, less robberies, less theft and 0 rapes. There is no government. Only tribal rules and Jerga solves their problems. Another good example is King Zaher Shah’s forty years rule in Afghanistan, without fighting. Peace and harmony were everywhere, because the king knew how to deal with tribes. I think establishing provincial and district Jergas will bring a lot of peace and security. And will be a public resistance against the insurgences. <>3-Establishing 50000 tribal loyal forces to government

Supporting and stabilizing the central government need Afghan tribal independent force to replace the Northern Alliance bloody armed men which destabilized central government. The forces should make of impartial civilians including Pushton tribes, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras. The force should increase gradually up to 100000. When the force established the Northern Alliance should be disarmed totally eighty percent Afghan population dislike Northern Alliance. To get the trust of the majority of Afghans the leader of warlords should face justice because they did crime against humanity.

<>4-Strong interior ministry

The ministry of interior should organize and rules the combine forces to clear the street and territories from criminals, warlords, Taliban suicide bomb and bring safety and security to Afghanistan. American troops and NATO troops should support the force and work together. 2000 to 3000 from the force should protect the president and be under the command of the president that the president feels strong without fear of others that he can work freely. Interior ministry should cooperate with the ministry of defence with the support of US army and NATO troops and make the notional defence ministry stronger to defend the country.

5-Internal immigration

Some area in the south is very poor. People do not have anything to do. The territories are small there is not enough land for them to do farming. The youth join the Taliban to fight American and NATO army Northern Afghanistan is very wide and full of farming and enough land that need little work to be ready for farming. It would be a good i<>dea to bring them to the north and keep them busy. They also can help the government to stabilize north of the country.


.6- Reconstruction procedure should speed up, especially, in agriculture sector, because eighty to eighty five percent of the population feed by farming, new farming land should be provided for farmer to do their regular farming, instead of opium. It will reduce the growing of opium. I am sure many countries in the world will provide support for such a project. The reconstruction projects will create a friendly atmosphere between the government and public.

<>7-Get the support of Pashtons

Pashtons are the majority of Afghanistan. They have significant role in the Afghan society along the history. Without their support it is very difficult to stabilize the country. In recent days they were the main resistance that driven the former Soviet from Afghanistan and they pay the most price for freedom. Pashtons fought against the Soviet and their alleys (Northern Alliance.), Including Shah Mosood a local Punjsheries commander and chief of Shori-e-Nazar who had signed peace accord with KGB to fight with former Mujahideen, especially against the Pushtons fighters back by United States and Pakistan.( look up Bruce Richardson book, Afghanistan Ending the Reign Of Soviet Terror). Afghan nation scarified two millions people to get their freedom but today Shah Mosood is the hero of freedom and Northern Alliance is in power. It is psychologically warfare with the Majority of Afghan nation, especially with the Pashtons. It hurts their feelings. How the Pashtons can support the Northern Alliance government which killed hundred thousand of their people? Pashtons are upset and also they are ignored. They do not have a leadership. Only Taliban claim they are the leader of Pashtons, which is not true because the majority of Pashtons are not with Taliban. There should be created Pashton leadership and work with them to get their support. Without their support and strong or equal participation in the government, peace and security will be very difficult to return to Afghanistan. They are living along the border with Pakistan; their territories are used by Taliban. Fighting is in their territories. If they are organized and give hand to the government there is strong hope for stability, safety and security. Get the sport of Pashtons and bring stability and safety to the country

There are many other ideas to save Afghanistan, however, I believe the above ideas with a little more work will be the most popular idea for safety, security, stable and popular Afghanistan., if there is time for American and NATO troops to leave, Afghanistan should have a type of government that can survive.

If you have further consideration, feel free to contact me.. I hope my thought will be helpful. Many thanks.

<>Best regards


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