Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Further signs that social order is fraying in Pakistan

According to the BBC []
there are worrisome signs that the social order in Pakistan is breaking down:

• The military has been unable to “assert the government's writ over large areas of the country”.

• Extremists openly declare their unwillingness to “recognize the legitimacy of the state” until an Islamic revolution takes place.

• Many people -- judges, soldiers, policemen, lawyers and ordinary women and children – have been victims of a dozen suicide bombings in the last few weeks.

• In Islamabad, some “3,000 Kalashnikov-wielding militant women” successfully protected “a religious school that had been set for demolition because it had been built illegally.”

• “Up to 200 crimes and robberies are being committed every a day in major cities - in Karachi the figures are double that” – many of them by unemployed youth formed in to gangs.

And as we have already noted, the demonstrations by lawyers in the streets of the cities around the country over the detainment of the Chief Justice reveal that even the more comfortable middle class are losing patience with the government.

What next?

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