Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Can we abolish suicide bombing?

This comment and the two previous ones come from The Friday Times, a weekly in Pakistan that often has useful and helpful articles on Afghanistan and Pakistan. These that we have briefly digested here seem especially relevant right now. To get on the sight you have to pay a modest annual subscription ($25), eminently worth it. RLC

The Friday Times
By Khaled Ahmed

"But if you thought any man with religious stature will ever think afresh and actually recommend banning suicide-bombing, you are mistaken. All of them still think that it is all right if you are suicide-bombing non-Muslims."
"No one is really bothered about the negation of the state. Rather they seem to tell the state that it should allow suicide-bombing if it is not against Muslims."
"... what if the suicide-bomber has determined that the Muslims he is killing are not Muslims? It is easy to kill the Shias because Sunni fatwas exist that apostatise them."
"No Islamic scholar today accepts the validity of the state. Why should anyone decide killing anyone without reference to the law of the state? Why should there be jihad when it is not waged by the state? Suicide is banned by Islam. Why should the ban be waived after a cleric somewhere decides that his followers should go out and kill innocent non-Muslims to satisfy his sense of justice?"
" The state is diminished because it is Islamic. The clerics like it that way because they feel empowered by this diminishment."

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