Thursday, March 15, 2007

Targetting Tehran: the case of the missing Iranian general

The sense that the United States government as well as other governments will do anything to achieve its aims -- torture, kidnapping, assassination -- has so poisoned the public image of what governments do that we can think of many reasons why a high Iranian official might disappear. There was a day when most of us would have immediately supposed that this Iranian official had defected to "The West" to escape the repressive regime in his home country, but now we wonder about other possibilities ... because there are so many other possibilities, most of them unseemly. So far, no clues -- which allows the imagination to run rampant.

Targetting Tehran: the case of the missing Iranian general
World Socialist Website
By Peter Symonds

"...disappearance of a top Iranian general, Brigadier General AliReza Asgari ... all the accounts point to the involvement of the US, Israeli and/or other Western intelligence agencies in the defection or abduction of Asgari, a former deputy defense minister..."
"Senior Bush administration officials have repeatedly declared that the US has no plans for war against Iran. The most obvious purpose in interrogating a figure like Asgari, however, is to extract information about Iran's military..."
"Most of the facts surrounding Asgari's disappearance are contested."
"The *Washington Post* last Thursday published one version of events. Its source—"a senior US official" told the newspaper that Asgari had defected and was "willingly cooperating" with "Western intelligence agencies" at an undisclosed location."
"Iranian authorities raised the alarm about a possible kidnapping by the CIA or Mossad and notified Interpol."
"What conclusions can be drawn amid all this deception and counter-deception?"

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