Saturday, April 21, 2007

Taliban flee Afghan-led Nato offensive

Note here the contradictory situation for those fighting for the Afghanistan government: they must oppose the Taliban, and they must protect the poppy crop.

By Tom Coghlan
The Telegraph (UK)

"Complete success is being claimed for the largest Afghan-led operation yet against the Taliban."
"Afghan army forces and police have now purged the Nad Ali district of Helmand of 400 Taliban fighters, following a series of chaotic battles."
"The operation, which began last week ... was also backed by local militias, whose commanders had sworn to remove the Taliban from their land"
"The success means that much needed-reconstruction projects, postponed for months due to the Taliban presence, can now begin as planned."
"Important to the success of the operation was the front line role of the local militias."
"Their fighters have local knowledge ... heavily armed,wild-looking youngsters in local garb and sunglasses"

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