Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pakistan 'secret agents killed'

The attack on ISI officials in a tribal zone indicates something we have been hearing already: that some people in the tribal areas resent the pressures put on them by the ISI. But that is insufficient to understand what this attack means. That occurs at that particular spot may mean something -- As always, we are unclear what this means.


"Unidentified gunmen have shot dead four officials from Pakistan's secretive ISI intelligence agency in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan"
"No group has said it carried out the attack, a day after tribes vowed not to shelter al-Qaeda or Taleban militants."
"Monday's deal in Bajaur with the government followed other similar controversial accords elsewhere in the tribal region, which critics say have encouraged a Taleban safe haven on the border."
"News of Tuesday's ambush is still emerging and details surrounding it are sketchy.Masked men riding on a motorbike opened fire on the vehicle when theISI officials were coming to Bajaur tribal district from Peshawar Intelligence official Moaz Khan"
"Bajaur was the scene of two major attacks against suspected militants last year, which caused great anger among locals and people elsewhere in Pakistan"
"The officials did not say what the ISI officials were doing in the area.The notorious ISI is a central organ of Pakistan's military machine which has played a major - often dominant - role in the country's often turbulent politics.Critics say it runs "a state within a state", subverts elected governments, supports the Taleban and is even involved in drug smuggling"

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