Saturday, April 28, 2007

Questions about the fighting in Waziristan

Joshua Foust on has also, like David Hoffman [see Ap 10, 07 entry], raised questions about the putative fighting in Waziristan against Uzbeks. He also doubts that we are getting much of the correct story. This seems to me a really significant story: who are the "Uzbeks" and the "Taliban" who oppose each other? Why are there casualty reports but no casulties in the hospitals? How is the Pakistani government involved -- assuming that there has to be a connection? What is the connection of this putative war with the local fighting in Khurram district a few days ago? What is its connection to the rise in cross-border attacks in Afghanistan? Is there a connection to the ambush of the ISI officers in Bajaur district? There are so many instances when the official stories in this region[provided by mainly the Pakistani government] seem as contrived and convoluted as those we are getting out of the Bush administration. Such is the world that we live in, that despite the appearance of a plethora of statements -- an internet crammed with all kinds of stuff -- we in the public remain poorly informed on what is actually happening in the world.

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