Saturday, April 14, 2007

Curfew relaxed in Parachinar

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn reports that a ceasefire has been negotiated in Kurram Agency, a sector of the Tribal Areas just north of North Waziristan, where there has been fighting for several days. This seems to be a different conflict from the one described as the local Taliban fighting Uzbeks in North Waziritan. It is hard to imagine that there is no connection. Certainly the tribal areas seem to be a in period of restructuring. From a distance it is hard to guess what the outcome will be.


"PARACHINAR, April 13: The [Pakistani] administration relaxed for two hours on Friday a curfew clamped [in Parachinar] a week ago after a jirga brokered a ceasefire between sectarian groups in most parts of the Kurram Agency."
"Officials said the jirga which had negotiated the truce on Thursday continued its meetings with local elders and the political authorities."
"It constituted two committees to expedite the peace process in the region.After the curfew relaxation in Parachinar, people thronged markets to buy essential goods. Army and paramilitary forces patrolled the streets."
"...sporadic clashes continued ... But no casualty was reported. Other parts of the agency were calm but tense."

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