Friday, April 06, 2007

CIA hires terrorist group to operate inside Iran

If it is true that the CIA is funding and abetting the terrorist activities of Jundullah it is another embarrassment for the US government and the American people. Surely such news would induce our administration to denounce such a practice and force the CIA to desist from it -- and the American people to declare their revulsion of it. This is an embarrassment for the CIA, an embarrassment for the American people, an embarrassment for the Baluch people, and embarrassment for Pakistan. What else can our administration do to diminish itself and the American people?

Islamic Republic News Agency

"Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has hired a Pakistani terrorist group that has carried out a series of deadly terrorist attacks inside Iran"
"The group, members of the Baluchi tribe, operates from Pakistan's province of Baluchestan, just across the border from Iran."
"The group, called Jundullah, has carried out raids, resulting in the deaths or kidnapping of Iranian ordinary people as well as soldiers and officials"
"Regi [the group's leader] admitted to have personally executed some of the Iranian captives"
"Alexis Debat, a senior fellow on counterterrorism at the Nixon Center [said] 'He is essentially commanding a force of several hundred guerrilla fighters that stage attacks across the border into Iran on Iranian military officers, Iranian intelligence officers, kidnapping them, executing them on camera.' "
"The group claimed responsibility for an attack in February that killed at least 11 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard riding on a bus in the Iranian city of Zahedan."
"Iranian television last month broadcast confessions by those responsible for the bus attack."
"They admitted to being members of Jundullah and said they had been trained for the mission at a secret location in Pakistan."
"The only relationship with the group that US intelligence acknowledges is cooperation in tracking al-Qaeda figures in that part of Pakistan."

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