Thursday, April 26, 2007

History and Sacrificial Death

The tradition and organizational structure of suicide bombing is now so established that it may take years to dismantle it. Here is one more study:

"The mechanism of sacrifice lies at the heart of ideological systems regardless of cultural context. Lives are forfeited and blood spilled-in order to validate the ideology." By Richard A. Koenigsberg
"Surely we imagine--if so many people have killed and died in the name an ideology--there must be something to it"
"Sheikh Abdullah Azzam was an Islamic revolutionary whose thought exerted a significant influence upon Bin Laden."
" 'History,' Azzam writes ... happens when a group produces death and destruction in the name of its ideology. Hitler, Stalin and Mao are remembered--not because of their contributions to civilization--but by virtue of the vast number of people they killed"
" 'Significance' is conferred upon a leader and his ideology based on the number of people killed in the ideology's name. This is why historians are keen to document the 'number of people that died' in a war, battle, genocidal episode,or act of terror."
"Political leaders generate episodes of mass-murder in order to be remembered for the havoc that they have wrought--in the name of ideologies they hope will transform the world."

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