Friday, February 16, 2007

More on the Severe Implications of Zawahiri's Recent Statements

Here is another site that has noticed the shift in Zawahiri's loyalty. And in this case, the author has some history with the idea. He tells us that there was even an earlier time when Z. made such a statement but it was at that time understandable in the Afghanistan context only. Now we are seeing an appeal to Muslims everywhere to follow Mullah Muhammad Omar.

The following is excerpted from the article, Mulla Omar to Lead Jihadi Intifada--What Happened to Bin Laden?, written by B. Raman in the South Asia Analysis Group:

"After pledging his personal allegiance to Mulla Omar, Zawahiri calls upon the Muslims of the world to unite under his leadership."
"This theme of Al Qaeda fighting under the leadership of Mulla Omar had earlier figured in Zawahiri's year-end review of the state of the global jihad..."
"Whereas in his year-end review [Jan. 22, 2007] he was talking specifically in the context of the jihad in Afghanistan in which all jihadi elements ... will fight under the command of Mulla Omar, in his latest message of February 12, 2007, Zawahiri has been talking of the global jihad and not specifically the jihad in Afghanistan. It tries to project Mulla Omar as the commander of the global Jihadi Intifada. If that is so, what about Osama bin Laden? What happened to his leadership? Zawahiri's message is silent on this point."

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