Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hundreds of Critics of the Pakistani Government are Disappearing

Concerns over Pakistan's missing
"The disappearance of hundreds of government opponents is Pakistan's most critical human rights issue...
...the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said it had reports of at least 400 people believed abducted by security agencies...
In the past the government has denied abusing human rights in making arrests...
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's report ... said the rise in enforced disappearances over the past year was the most pressing problem.
Mr Haider [the commission's secretary general] said that the country's security agencies, military and police were involved in the disappearance of Pakistani civilians, many of whom had 'suffered an extreme degree of torture'.
...the disappearances problem was likely to be even worse than reported.
The government has been facing a recent wave of militant and sectarian violence amid protests about alleged bias in general elections that were due to be held in late January."

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