Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is Pakistan to Blame?

A prominent Afghan official blames Pakistan for the resurgence of Taliban militants in Afghanistan according to the article Afghanistan official visits Waterloo, from The Record.

"The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan would be dead overnight if Pakistan were forced to stop supporting them, says a senior Afghanistan government official [Jawed Ludi]."
" 'The root and the sources of terrorist indoctrination, terrorist support... happens to be based in Pakistan,' Ludin said... 'The whole world is here to fight terrorism, why is it they (Taliban fighters) can come in great numbers from across the border and attack us, and Pakistan gets away with impunity?' "
"...now Pakistani intelligence uses Islamic extremism to undermine any nationalist tendencies in the provinces that border Afghanistan ... The Muslim radicals running the Madrassas, the Taliban and Pakistani intelligence agency ... form what Ludin calls an evil triangle."
" 'This triangle is the evil triangle that has to be dismantled if the world is ever going to be safe from terrorism' Ludin said."

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