Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Afghanistan's Situation From the View of the Afghan Press

We are posting the following article in its entirely. It was originally written in Dari [Afghan Farsi]. Note the way the Afghanistan press is expressing concern about what is going on in the country.

Daily Afghanwire Newsletter

During the past three decades, and especially during the past five years, murders, thefts and other cases and problems occurred in different forms. The phenomenon of suicide attacks, which were previously not present in Afghanistan, and remote controlled explosions in crowded areas such highways, schools, streets lead to tens of deaths. Now, we see that the features of such awful events have changed and the circumstances of one case differ from the circumstances of another event.

Recently the terror and murder waves have increased resulting in some people being killed. One of those killed in recent terrorist events was Mohammad Islam Mohammadi, an elected MP from Samangan, who was killed in the light of day in the distance between his house and the mosque where we went to pray. After that, the groom of Ustad Rabbani Wahidullah was killed when he wanted to enter his home by unidentified gunmen. Following that, the daughter of a female MP, Shakiba Hashimi, was killed at her house and the day before yesterday a suicide attack took place in Herat.

The recent criminal cases have astonished people and created an atmosphere of terror among the people and we can say that the all these take place as the result of insecurity. If we study the events, they all occurred in places where - beside the internal security forces - the peace-keeping forces of 37 countries also are present.

We can mention that all these events took place at a time when the security organs are calling for better security measures and openly that they can ensure the people of a completely secure situation. Such events, if they result in terror among the people, this increases the distance and atmosphere of distrust among the people and the government and it shows the weakness of the security forces and it reveals that the police and security forces are not fulfilling their tasks and responsibilities well, because people are being killed during the bright day and the murders are escaping.

It is now necessary that their full attention should be given to the security sector and that the foreign forces should also assist the Afghan security organs in maintaining security and that our security system should be equipped with modern technologies. We are fortunate money and finances should be taken out of people's pockets and should be spent for security means and the prosperity of the people.

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