Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CSIS Releases Report on Progress in Afghanistan

"The Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies recently released its final report on Afghanistan, entitled 'Breaking Point: Measuring Progress in Afghanistan.' "

"The report found that:
• Afghans are losing trust in their government because of an escalation in violence
• Public expectations are neither being met nor managed;
• Conditions in Afghanistan have deteriorated in all key areas targeted for development, except for the economy and women's rights."

"Afghans are more insecure today than they were in 2005 ... due largely to the violence surrounding the insurgency and counter-insurgency campaigns..."
"The central government’s institutional and human capacity has improved, but its legitimacy has deteriorated. Sub-national government structures still lack capacity. In their place, militia commanders and local mafias have filled the void..."
"Traditional, informal judicial structures continue to fill the gap in justice for many Afghans..."
"High economic growth [has] improved the general ... Afghan economy, yet these benefits have not translated into sufficient employment and income generating activities for the ordinary
"Although reconstruction investments by the international community have enhanced social services and infrastructure, deteriorating security conditions ... has limited ... its benefits for many Afghans."

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