Monday, October 22, 2007

A new publication from Kabul

The new on-line publication from Kabul, KabulDirect, has recently been published. We need to welcome this publication. Indeed, this issue has a number of entries worth serious attention. It was sent to me in a downloadable pdf file. Here I reproduce the invitation letter, in hopes others will also subscribe. Anyway, welcome KabulDirect.

Free Introductory Edition, Oct 07
A Welcome Letter from the Editor

Why this new magazine Kabul Direct?
Welcome to the first issue of Kabul Direct. This is Afghanistan’s first English‐language publication produced and directed by Afghans and targeted to the specialist following events in Afghanistan closely.
We are publishing this new journal because we want to show you, the reader, military and security personnel, policy makers, journalists, and scholars our perspective from here on the ground in Afghanistan as we build our nation out of the ruins of decades of war.

Who are we?
Some of us already write for foreign publications and you may recognize our names. But this is the first time you will be able to hear from us unfiltered by outside editors or publishers.
Here at Kabul Direct we will bring you the news we Afghans see fit to print, introduce you to the players we think you have to meet, and help you understand the problems of Afghanistan as we Afghans see them.

A word about our values
We at Kabul Direct are dedicated to the establishment of political rights and civil liberties in Afghanistan, the country that we, the sons and daughters of this nation, love.
We want accountable government, to be treated equally and fairly under the law, to be able to speak our minds, believe what we believe, and organize ourselves in ways we think will move us forward as a nation in which we can take pride.
We also want to participate as full equals in the modern world. But at the same time we don’t want to lose the traditions and values that we as Afghans hold dear.
Why we are focused on terrorism, extremism and other problems
Unfortunately, at this point in time, we have to cover these topics because these are the problems that plague our nation. But God willing, over time, we will be able shift our
focus to cover more positive news. We at Kabul Direct live for the day when we can instead talk about the myriad investment opportunities here in Afghanistan, share the pride we take in our rich cultural and religious heritage, and give you an idea of the contributions we Afghans should be making to the world’s progress.

Why now?
We started Kabul Direct during the holiest time of year, the month of Ramadan, when we Muslims fast, hoping that this will help us win our struggle against sin. We started Kabul Direct at this time because we see this endeavor as an extension of
this good struggle. And we also hope that by beginning this venture at this auspicious time of
year, that our efforts will be especially blessed.
And so welcome to Kabul Direct, your window into the heart and soul of Afghanistan.

In the name of God, the Compassionate and Merciful,
Rahmani Rahmani,
Editor‐in‐chief and Publisher
Kabul, Afghanistan

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This issue has been produced with love by an all‐volunteer staff.
We are asking our readers to help us cover our costs. Please send whatever you can to
assist us in this effort.
Phone: +93 (0) 700 260094

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