Thursday, October 18, 2007

Benazir arrives, embodying unrealizable hopes

Again, as Benazir arrives in Karachi, folks are pouring their own imaginative hopes into a heroic figure. "She will bring employment, she will restore democracy, and she will bring peace," . . . "We are proud to have a woman as a leader. Our children's future in her hands. She is our mother." Such is the prediction of a wishful imagination. What will they do when -- not if -- she fails to deliver? Who will be blamed?

[Click on the title to see the report of the reception in Karachi.]


hannah said...

i am greatly disturbed by this bombing. The human cost of this is terrible, and this obviously will have very important consequences in Pakistan. Now i'm starting to see another angle to it: are my colleagues in Karachi safe? If i go to Islamabad next summer, how will the fallout of these bombings affect me? i keep experiencing these moments of clarity where it becomes a little more apparent that i will be going into harm's way soon. It's sobering.

Bob said...

Yes, Hannah,
It is sobering for anyone who has to live in that country. Even to contemplate living in a place in which Osama Bin Laden remains at large and free to publish his declarations, and where the government, despite its claims, is unable to protect its own populations must be very disturbing. I pray for you to stay safe. RLC