Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crisis fatigue

I wonder if anyone else has been suffering from "crisis fatigue", as I am. Even though much is taking place that invites comment -- as in Pakistan, Darfur, and the White House, to mention only a few loci of concern -- one can lose the heart to keep saying what seems to me is the same thing over and over again: That our world is seriously at risk, not only because of "the other guys" but also because of the kind of leadership now in power in the United States. One wonders how things cannot continue to get worse. The "train wreck" our world has been experiencing in North Africa/ Middle Easter / Central Asia / South Asia (it would be called WWIII if such things were taking place in Europe) merely continues to get worse. And the risks enlarge as the prospects get dimmer. The list is too long even to try to enumerate. At least, if one has to explain it now, after all this, then it isn't possible to explain it.


hannah said...

It is hard at times, especially because i don't remember or wasn't alive during the worse times that Tequila mentioned. However, i take some comfort in the fact that i am in a position to have some small effect on the world. The way i look at it, i want to be able to say to my family, friends, and colleagues, "Yes, it was terrible, but i stood up and tried to change it. Maybe i didn't succeed, but i tried." i think i can hold my head high if i know that much about myself.

Maybe i'll feel differently in a few years. i'm still young enough to be stupid and optimistic!

Bob said...

Yes, Hannah,
Thanks for this. You are an encouragement, and yes, we all want to do what we can. In the end -- at statement of faith, forgive me -- I believe God is fully aware and has not abandoned the world.