Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another reason to bomb Iran now: they are religious fanatics.

Norman Podhoretz of Commentary Magazine has given us one more reason to bomb Iran now: The Iranians are irrational religious fanatics.

The reason deterrence can't work with Iran is that there's a different element involved here than was involved with either Mao or even Kim Jong Il or Stalin, and that is the element of religious fanaticism.
The fact of the matter is that, with a religious fanatic like Ahmadinejad and the "mullahcracy" ruling Iran generally, there's no assurance that self-preservation or the protection, preservation of the nation, will deter them. [On the Lehrer News Hours, PBS, Oct 29, 2007.]

The Iranians are crazy fanatics, he says, so they should be bombed. Bombed now, well before they have developed the nuclear capacity to produce power, much less to produce bombs.

I wonder if the real reason is to do it before a new administration decides to do something else. The rush to war, to attack -- we have seen this before. But we ask why? Why now?

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