Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pakistan's half-hearted move against the Taliban

The Christian Science Monitor has a fine article on the various responses to the recent Pakistani attack on the Taliban in Dir district. I find it most interesting what Dawn has to say, not only because its statement is right on, but also because it is a Pakistani voice:
Welcome as it is, the operation in Dir may also strengthen the impression that the military cracks down hard only when its own are attacked. Taliban violence against civilians is largely ignored for some reason. The army chief said the other day that the military would drive back the Taliban if they made any further inroads. Why just 'drive back'? These people are merciless and have no qualms about indulging in savagery.

This is precisely the point: The military doesn’t want the Taliban to disappear, only to behave; they are still useful for the various fronts against India, in Afghanistan and in Kashmir. So, we can scarcely be encouraged that the general problem with the Taliban is being dealt with.

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