Sunday, April 12, 2009

Imperious realities of an ever smaller world

The diverse peoples of the world are being obliged, by ever stronger and more imperious realities, to live together as neighbors. No wonder that so many peoples around the world are recoiling at what they see happening around them. The following two quotations refer to two different perceptual worlds. Putting them next to each other we can see how asymmetric are the understandings of those who could make portentous decisions for millions of people.

On American priorities: “... there are more musicians playing in military bands than there are diplomats working around the globe. The Pentagon’s budget is 24 times larger than the State Department’s and USAID combined . . .” [Dexter Filkins, NYTimes 4/11/09]

On Taliban perceptions: "We hate democracy," Sufi told a crowd of thousands of followers in Mingora after the ratification of the Malakand Accord was announced in mid-February. "We want the occupation of Islam in the entire world. Islam does not permit democracy or election." [Sufi Muhammad, spokesman for an organization believed to be a front for the Taliban, quoted by The Long War Journal]

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