Friday, November 09, 2007

Homicide bombing: An act of impatience

Note the struggle that this serious Muslim is going through to deal with the abuses of other human beings in the name of his faith.

M R. Weiss

"The Quran clearly states that 'we burden no soul but with what it can carry' Those who resort to murder of their own body and others do not carry the burden placed on them and thus are shortcutting life's process."
"Six years after two despicable homicide bombers murdered one of Afghanistan's proactive leaders, a second Afghan leader became victim to the same inhumane weapon ... But, murdering innocent people through one man murderer has become the weapon of guerre for every desperate and impatient soul."
"No words shall be able to capture the depth of the immense service the Prophet of Islam did for humanity. Nowhere in his twenty-three years of commission, did the Prophet of Islam teach that the end shall justify the means."
"Salvation cannot come when Men justify killing innocent people in the name of injustice and intolerance. The Prophet of Islam never justified collateral damages."
"Today Afghanistan suffers from an imposed disease - a cancer of conscience embedded into its psyche by those with vile political agendas. The people of Afghanistan seem helpless when children strap themselves with bombs and carry out the murder of innocent people."
" I place the full blame on myself and other Afghans for abandoning time tested principles. For
allowing our ego to stand in the way of our heart and our reason; for embracing shortcuts to life's pleasures and its appeal; for following and embracing those who betray the teachings of the Prophet of Islam; for constantly worshipping ourselves."

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