Thursday, November 08, 2007

An effigy of shame: The Pakistani morass

M. R. Weiss states his view of the situation elegantly. The saddest part of this seems to be that there are Pakistanis who are wondering if such a view could in fact be correct. One more statement of how unpromising the situation is in Pakistan.

M R. Weiss

"At last, after more than forty years of deceit, concealment, and fraud this effigy of shame concocted by the British called Pakistan is about to confront its own evils and answer for it. Whether it succeeds or not is no longer a factor - its effect will be felt across the world and that will make all the difference."
"In a bizarre exercise of power, Pakistani elite forces entered the Red Mosque in the heart of Islamabad and murdered close to 100occupants. The tragedy lies not in the killings, but in its location -inside the Mosque."
"Does the killing inside the Mosque and the subsequent repeated homicide bombing will alter the political structure of Pakistan?"
"I answer yes and provide my reasoning."
"Driven by the ego of its alleged Muslim leader and the British's intent to humiliate Gandhi, Pakistan unnecessarily appeared in the map of the world. The second nation created based on alleged religion, Pakistan had no agenda or goals for survival. The reason for its presence amongst the family of the nations remained obscure. Like an adopted child detested by its siblings, Pakistan was an imposed presence from the start."
"the Generals that ruled Pakistan never legitimized their hold on power ... The Generals never succeeded in delivering any services.Widespread inequality defines the social structure of the Pakistani society."
"To escape the humiliating reality of inequality, the Pakistani people took refuge to weak and under-funded religious groups percolating on the fringe of Pakistani society ... These organizations are safe avenues to express the unrelenting anger and frustration that dominates the lives of ordinary Pakistanis."
"With active encouragement from the Generals, over the last three decades these groups grew in strength"
"The marriage between the religious groups and the Generals is no longer working. A nasty and violent divorce is imminent. In the shameful effigy concocted together by the British called Pakistan, only one must remain in charge."
"the Generals can only use violence to quell the religious groups. For the first time in its shameful history, the Generals will use violence without using the name of Islam or the Prophet of Islam.This act will further alienate the population from an already illegitimate governing family."

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