Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Arrested suicide bomber is Pakistani national: security official

The evidences that Pakistan is the primary source of the violent activity in Afghanistan just keep piling up. In the mean time the Pakistan government wants to believe that the problem is essentially among the Pushtuns of Afghanistan. That there are complaints among the Afghanistan peoples is one thing; that they are bent on violent overthrow of the Kabul regime is something else. Of course, by Pakistan we don't mean the government; we mean elements within the borders of the country who are actively working against the Kabul government. It seems clear that Pakistan has never had much of a grip on affairs in the Northwest Frontier Province. Which means it has become a festering sore for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and could become a source of contagion for the whole region.

Pajhwok Afghan News

"Security officials Monday claimed that the arrested suicide attacker was a Pakistani national."
"The suicide bomber was arrested early morning on Monday in an abortive attempt to blow up a group of 20 soldiers of Afghan National Army"
"[Gen. Mohammad Salim] Ihsas said the attacker had placed ten kilos of explosive materials
in his jacket and was trying to embark a 303 men staff vehicle of Kabul Military Training Center."
"spokesman of the Defense Ministry termed today's incident a good example of the best coordination between police force and Afghan National Army. He said that terrorism was an international menace and the fact that the attacker belonged to Pakistan did not mean he was sent by the Pakistan government."

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