Friday, December 19, 2008

Arson of Palin's church: the danger of bitter politics

I was never a fan of Sarah Palin, as several posts have made clear, but I am grieved that her church seems to have been burned down by arsonists. Of course we do not know many details but the news is suggestive. This is the kind of evidence of a serious breach in our country that politicians, in the interest of the public weal, would do well to avoid. The kind of political campaign that the country has just been through could seriously tear a society apart. I don't like calling such campaigns "hard fought," which is the euphemism now in use. The truth is that many misrepresentations of fact were promoted, creating distrust and bitterness on many sides -- and nasty, even criminal, reactions. In the end healing may not come easy.
[Click on the title for a link to a source on the fire.]

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