Monday, December 22, 2008

Another missile strike in Pakistan: The Guardian

Deadly missile strike in Pakistan [Click on title for a link to the source]

A suspected US missile strike killed at least seven people today in north-west Pakistan, intelligence officials and a witness said.

Yar Mohammad, a villager, said a fortified house was destroyed and local Taliban pulled out seven bodies while cordoning off the scene in the Kari Khel area, about 10 miles (15km) south of Wana, the main town in the South Waziristan tribal area near the Afghan border.

Mohammad said he heard a drone aircraft circling the area before the attack at 8.40am local time (3.40am GMT). Two intelligence officials, speaking anonymously, confirmed the strike and casualties.

The US has made more than 30 missile strikes since August in Pakistan's semi-autonomous tribal areas, targeting al-Qaida and Taliban militants blamed for attacks in Afghanistan. While the missile strikes have killed scores of militants, Pakistan has called them an infringement of its sovereignty and says they undermine its own war on terror.

Most of the missiles are believed to have been launched from unmanned spy planes that take off from Afghanistan. Washington rarely confirms or denies the attacks.

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