Thursday, September 06, 2007

Email Disappearances Reminiscent of Nixon Tapes, Only Much Worse

I am appalled at the news that the White House, spitting in the face of the law, would delete 5 million emails. It is hard to grasp, hard to imagine, that such an act of sabotage would be done by our own administration. You can't delete 5 million emails easily -- it's not 19 minutes of the tape that somehow gets wiped clean several times, a la the Nixon administration. One more time, when I think it could not get worse, it gets worse. What is to become of this country when its own administration flouts the law? John Adams said that this country is a country of laws and not of men -- apparently, no longer so.

Archive Sues to Recover 5 Million Missing White House E-mails
The National Security Archive

"The National Security Archive today sued the White House seeking the recovery and preservation of more than 5 million White House e-mail messages that were apparently deleted from White House computers between March 2003 and October 2005."
"White House officials ... have acknowledged ... that e-mail is missing from the White House archive, and that the [Executive Office of the President] in 2002 abandoned the electronic records management system put in place by the Clinton White House."
"Whistleblowers ... have alleged that more than 5 million e-mail messages are missing from the White House servers. 'The Bush White House broke the law and erased our history by deleting those e-mail messages,' said National Security Archive director Tom Blanton. 'The period of the missing email starts with the invasion of Iraq and runs through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.' "

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