Friday, September 08, 2006

Lost in Translation?

I have just been told something very disconcerting: On the BBC site on Afghanistan there is an article about how NATO is doing well in their battle against the Taliban. They believe they have destroyed over a 1,000 Taliban and now will have to deal with smaller units because they have so severely crushed the Taliban.

However, on the same date [today] in Farsi is a BBC article that says that two provinces of Afghanistan have fallen to the Taliban, Helmand and Zabul. And in fact, the article, even on the Farsi site, is not foregrounded. I find it incredible, if true, that these two sites should be saying such different things on the same day about the situation in Helmand and Zabul. And it seems strange that the article, important as this news is, would not be given prominence. Something strange here. Perhaps an English translation of the Farsi article is coming?

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