Thursday, June 28, 2012


At least this time the Supreme Court has not protected the rights of great corporations to run over the needs of the weakest and least represented elements in this country.  Yes, we give thanks to a kind heaven that the Affordable Care Act has been upheld.  

And it's OK to call it what its enemies have called it in derision, "Obamacare."  It is an act that seeks to care for the 45 million citizens of this country who lack any health care protection.  Weak and defective as it is -- given that the insurance industry spent millions of dollars to emasculate it -- it is nevertheless a significant gain for those in our country who lack healthcare, the growing numbers of folks who are being forced down to poverty by the collapsing world economy.  (As they suffer J P Morgan squanders mega-billions of dollars and still pays its executives hundreds of thousands a year.)

Obama should own this law -- and it is now the law of the land -- because it was his achievement.  Nothing to be ashamed of here. 

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