Monday, December 05, 2011

The profile of CO2 emissions is hardly improving

A chart that appeared in the New York Times yesterday says a lot about what's happening with C02 emissions.

Just to make sure the point come through, I want to put it into words:
  • The US output is still rising but fortunately at a much lower rate;
  • China's output has skyrocketed, from about 2.3 metric tons a year to about 7 metric tons
  • India's output and that of its neighbors has also risen greatly;
  • The Europeans in the mean time have done much better, even in many cases reducing their total output
All this is to say that the treats to global warming are still rising dramatically.  The consequences will be global.

The Times also indicates that generally little is being done to alleviate the problem.  If you click on the title of this note it will link to Robert B. Semple's article on the situation:  "Remember Kyoto? Most Nations Don’t"

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