Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some articles on the recent demostrations in the Arab world

For what it's worth this is a list of some interesting recent reports on the many public demonstrations in the Arab world demanding more rights and more accountability in government. These publications may not be especially the best, but they have been helpful to me. I would welcome suggestions of other helpful articles about what is going on. RLC

‘Volcano of Rage’ by Max Rodenbeck. New York Review March 24, 2011.

Frontline: Revolution in Cairo.

Uprisings: From Tunis to Cairo, by William Pfaff. NewYorkReview Feb 24, 2011.

Anonymous and Tunisia: A New Cyber Warfare? by Amar Toor [AOL], January 29, 2011.

The Internet: For Better or for Worse, Steve Coll, New York Review of Books April 7, 2011.

A New Arab Generation Finds Its Voice. New York Times Magazine Mar 20, 2011.

Iran’s State of Fear, by Haleh Esfandiari New York Review of Books. Mar 3, 2011.

How China Fears the Middle East Revolutions by Perry Link. NYRBooks Mar 24, 2011.


Is the Arab Spring losing its spring? by Ian Bremmer

MORE ADDENDA [5/14/11]

'Arab Spring' Has Yet to Alter Region's Strategic
Balance (op-ed, Los Angeles Times, May 9)

The Arab Spring
(Economist, April 27, 2011)

Syria: Economic Hardship Feeds Social
Unrest (op-ed, Los Angeles Times, March 31)

The Shifting Zeitgeist of the Arab Spring by Mark Levine.

Syrian troops refuse to fire


CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY: Tunisia's and Egypt's Revolutions and Transitions to Democracy: What is the impact on the Arab World? What Lessons can we learn?


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