Sunday, September 12, 2010

MIchael Moore's Challenge

Americans seem to be divided over the sources they have for news. What amazes me is that so many people are willing to believe those who say, "All of the other sources of news are biased except this one; listen to me and I will give you the truth." Through such means many Americans have been induced to avoid anything that appears in the "liberal" news. This is how they also discredit Michael Moore. I was interested that one of the executives of a major health insurance company has recently said that much of what Moore had to say in "Sicko" was quite true and they agreed with, but because Moore was critical of their industry they systematically sought to claim that "Sicko" was merely Hollywood, not to be trusted.
This is preparatory to encouraging everyone to read Michael Moore's recent blog, "If the Mosque isn't built, this is isn't America." I would happily reproduce it if necessary, and only wish I had the ability to put the situation so well.
Everyone: have a look. Give him a chance. Don't fall for the ploy that Michael Moore is a crank. Listen to the case he makes.

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