Sunday, October 18, 2009

Surprise! Dawn is reporting many security breaches in Pakistan.

Dawn is reporting a number of security breaches in Pakistan. It is heartening that the newspaper is revealing all this, but it seems scarcely surprising. It just seems like what we have been hearing about Pakistan for years. [Click on the title for a link.]

Security blunder
Dawn Editorial
Sunday, 18 Oct, 2009

At a time when militants are using all means at their disposal to attack state institutions, there is no room for security lapses. Hence the recent report that police and army uniforms and paraphernalia are being sold in Kohat despite a ban is distressing to say the least. The laxity of the law-enforcement agencies in preventing the sale of these uniforms is confounding. After the attack on GHQ in Rawalpindi, the sale of such items was proscribed. Yet the ban is being taken lightly by the authorities. Private tailors continue to sell uniforms and badges associated with the armed forces and police, while those that have stopped the open sale of these items have started selling them out of their homes instead.

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