Friday, March 27, 2009

Stratfor's report on the mosque bombing 3/27/09

Stratfor has announced a brutal bombing of a mosque in Jamrud, which lies on the road to Khaybar in what is effectively Tribal territory. I think Stratfor's suggestion that the Taliban are taking a risk here is savvy. The signs that they are revving up the resistance activity says they expect a fight and may be unsure how things will go. Of course they [like everyone in the fray] will claim they are ready and can handle the new challenge -- for them it is of course the expected arrival of more American / NATO troops in a few months. I wonder if the drone attacks don't worry them also. Everyone says that there will always be new recruits for the battle, but I wonder if there will always be a sufficient supply of effective leaders -- the ones the drones are attacking. We'll see. Thanks to my friends for cluing me to this report. RLC
[Click on the title to link to Stratfor's report.]

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