Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Obama's appointments for justice department: Good news

McClatchy Washington Bureau published a commentary on Obama’s nominees for justice that signal a major shift, for which we can be most thankful. The new appointees seem committed to reversing the Bush policy of allowing [or ordering] torture tactics on our prisoners. Some telling statements:

On the appointment of Dawn Johnson: "One of the refreshing things about Dawn Johnsen's appointment is that she's almost a 180-degree shift from John Yoo and David Addington and (Vice President) Dick Cheney".
The Justice Department has yet to fully regain its image of independence since allegations of political influence mired the agency in scandal in 2007, leading to the resignations of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and about a dozen other department and White House officials.
"It's clear that the Department of Justice has been savaged by the Bush administration and has been profoundly disgraced," . . . . "It's going to be a major task to rehabilitate it."
Obama's picks contrast with Bush's selection of Gonzales, who lacked Justice Department experience. Since stepping down as attorney general in September 2007, Gonzales has yet to find a job.
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Jeff said...

The whole torture debate is dishonest, especially from those on the left. Maybe one day we can mature enough to have this debate. Of course that could come much faster, and it probably will, when we're attacked again.

Bob said...

A serious debate is impossible if you don't explain yourself. I would like to know what you mean by "dishonest". You must know something that is worth making known to the wider community.
Thanks for your comment. RLC