Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why there was no exit plan

Seiler and Hamburg are stating what many of us have surmised but have had no certainty of. That the United States is committed to establishing a major position in Iraq -- for many reasons, at least some of them being its strategic location with respect to oil and gas resources -- has been evident from the beginning (and there is that huge new embassy, over a 100 acres in size, in construction). But these guys now have formulated more explicitly why our troops are there. What it means is that despite the quarreling over withdrawing troops out of there our troops will not leave; they will instead disappear into huge bases, from which they will reappear only when our government feels it is necessary.

By Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg
San Franscisco Chronical

"There are people in Washington ... who never intend to withdraw military forces from Iraq"
-- former President Jimmy Carter, Feb. 3, 2006

"There is to be no withdrawal from Iraq, just as there has been no withdrawal from hundreds of places around the world that are outposts of the American empire."
"The United States maintains 737 military bases in 130 countries across the globe. They exist for the purpose of defending the economic interests of the United States, what is euphemistically called 'national security.' In order to secure favorable access to Iraq's vast reserves of light crude, the United States is spending billions on the construction of at least five large permanent military bases throughout that country."
"A new Iraq oil law, largely written by the Coalition Provisional Authority,is planned for ratification by June. This law cedes control of Iraq's oil to western powers for 30 years"
"The question we must ask as citizens is this: Is the United States a democratic republic or an empire? History demonstrates that it's not possible to be both."

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