Sunday, January 28, 2007

Canada to Pay $9.75 Million to Man Tortured in Syria

Canadian government has apologized to Mahar Arar for its part in the abuse Mr. Arar suffered, mainly by Americans, for unsubstantiated accusations of being somehow connected to Al Qaeda. He was captured by American officials while passing through New York, shipped off to Syria, a country already criticized by the Americans for torturing its prisoner, and, of course, tortured. When it was determined, finally, that he had nothing to give, he was returned and even then defamed by anonymous police officials trying to protect their own behinds. Eventually the Canadian court adjudged that Arar had been unjustly treated. Prime Minister Harper has apologized, and the Canadian government has agreed to a settlement of 11.5 million Canadian dollars. Mr Arar still suffers emotional problems but is of course elated. Now it is the turn of the American government, who in fact was the main abuser.

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