Thursday, October 26, 2006

Captured Taliban say they were sent to fight by Pakistani mullahs

Despite the denials of Pakistan's generals, the indications that Pakistan is providing sanctuary and support for the newly insurgent Taliban are legion.
Here is but one piece of evidence:

Captured Taliban say they were sent to fight by Pakistani mullahs
Published: October 19, 2006 (AFP)

Handcuffed and weary, three confessed Taliban fighters told this week how they crossed into Afghanistan from Pakistan to carry out a "jihad" against troops after mullahs said it was their duty as Muslims. … [T]wo Pakistanis and an Afghan -- were captured after a fierce five-hour battle in Paktika province Tuesday, just a few kilometers (miles) from the border. The dead were mostly Afghans but included an Arab, Chechens, Pakistanis, Turks and a man from Yemen… "Mullahs in Pakistan were preaching to us that we are obliged to fight jihad in Afghanistan because there are foreign troops -- there is an Angriz (British) invasion," dishevelled Alahuddin told reporters. …. After five hours of fighting, 24 Taliban and a soldier were dead. Some of the rebels not killed by the troops blew themselves up with their own grenades, soldiers said.… Alahuddin said he was misled into believing that Afghanistan was overrun by foreign "infidels", …"We were sent to Afghanistan blindly. We call on our other friends in Pakistan and say, 'There is no jihad here, everybody is Muslim,'" he told AFP. Alahuddin was from Miranshah in Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal area that is just on the other side of the border with Afghanistan's Paktika.
[where] The Pakistan government last month signed a truce with the area's pro-Taliban tribal elders … [a deal that] … Political analyst Samina Ahmed, from the International Crisis Group, … called the deal "irresponsible to say the least". For "all practical purposes, now the Taliban are running the show," she told a meeting in Brussels. [Another prisoner said] "We came to Afghanistan to carry out jihad against British forces - as Muslims we are obliged to do jihad against them, this is what we weretold," he said. … "The cooperation of Pakistan with Taliban and Al-Qaeda is visible," [and Afghan general said]. …"They cross into Afghanistan even in areas where Pakistani posts are installed, but they are not prevented. They carry out attacks and then return."

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